Are You Seeking a Better IT Solution?

How much does your business rely on your IT systems? In this modern age, almost every company will have a computer network. You must have plenty of computers which you use to store information and allow your employees to communicate with each other, clients and suppliers. While some business may still be conducted by telephone or letter, without your computer systems, you will soon start to run into difficulties. In many ways, computer technology can be a great advantage for your company, but it does present a few problems. [Read More]

Benefits of the 'Right to Repair' Legislation Regarding Personal Computers

If you have been paying attention to emerging issues in the tech world, you have probably come across the 'right to repair' concept. It is legislation that consumers and independent computer repair technicians are trying to push for despite the resistance from some manufacturers. Notably, the 'right to repair' legislation seeks to compel computer manufactures to allow third parties to fix their computers without consequences. Although most people do not see how the 'right to repair' law would affect them, the benefits are undeniable. [Read More]