Are You Seeking a Better IT Solution?

How much does your business rely on your IT systems? In this modern age, almost every company will have a computer network. You must have plenty of computers which you use to store information and allow your employees to communicate with each other, clients and suppliers. While some business may still be conducted by telephone or letter, without your computer systems, you will soon start to run into difficulties. In many ways, computer technology can be a great advantage for your company, but it does present a few problems.  

Do you struggle with your IT services?

Unless you are a company with a dedicated IT department, it can be difficult to stay on top of your IT issues. There are always software programs to be updated, security patches to add, new programs to add or obsolete software to remove. These tasks can distract you from the important work that you are supposed to be doing and stop your company from being productive. Fortunately, there is a better way; instead of struggling to look after the IT yourself, why not speak to a company that offers managed IT services? There are at least two reasons to think about using managed IT services and embracing cloud-based software.

Better cost-efficiency

Embracing managed IT services lowers your company overheads and enables you to operate more cost-effectively. Instead of buying every piece of software that your company needs, you can pay a single monthly fee and access every program you want. Rather than buying an expensive software package with many features you will never use, managed IT services allow you to be more selective. You only need to pay for what you will use, and the monthly fee removes the expensive upfront costs that are common with software purchases. Hosting your data in the cloud also helps you avoid the need for expensive company servers that must be maintained and backed up regularly. Your simple monthly lets the IT services company take care of everything for you.

 A flexible solution

When you invest in software, you often have to buy a fixed number of licences or buy a package that will only work in a particular way. Managed IT services will adapt to your changing business needs. If you need to increase access to a package for a while and then change to a different piece of software next month, that's easy to achieve without extra expense. Managed IT services are ideal if you need to reduce the services you use for a few months and then increase them again when business picks up. It is a scalable solution that changes to suit your needs.